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FAS-Free Alongside Ship
The seller's delivery obligation ends at the designated port with the goods placed at the dock or barge alongside the vessel. The buyer bears loading, unloading, transportation and insurance costs of the goods.

FOB-Free on Board
The seller performs the loading of the goods to the ship supplied by the buyer at the specified date and place. The buyer is responsible for all damages, losses and expenses that may occur after the goods have passed to the deck of the ship. The seller prepares all the necessary documents for export and delivers the goods by completing the customs procedures.

CFR-Cost and Freight
The seller bears all costs and risks and brings the goods to the port where they will be loaded. It performs customs procedures and carries out the loading by paying the freight fee. From this moment on, the buyer bears all costs and risks associated with the goods except freight fee.

CIF-Cost, Insurance and Freight
The seller undertakes the insurance premium, freight, loading costs and risks and brings the goods to the port where they will be loaded. The seller contracts with the ship agent and supplies it. Seller informs the buyer that the goods in the sales contract are loaded on the specified date and place. By paying the insurance premium, the seller makes the least comprehensive sea transportation insurance suitable for the type of goods loaded. Once the goods are loaded on board, the costs and risk excluding freight and insurance premiums are passed to the buyer.