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Airline transportation legislation is closely monitored by IATA in accordance with the needs and requirements of the sector and updated when necessary.
Accordingly, CVS Global Logistics, an IATA agency, regularly monitors changes in legislation in Airline Transportation and guides its customers in the most accurate way by keeping its information up-to-date at all times. For detailed information about the content of your cargo and the rules of the destination country, please contact CVS Global Logistics first.

Secured transfer of cargo that requires specialized customs in import and transit trade to the relevant customs directorates, and then preparation of documents requested by customs directorates and delivery of cargo from bonded warehouses, before the nationalization process of the cleared cargo begins, transferring it to the customs warehouse of the relevant customs directorate and deliver the ordinance to the importer company or the customs brokerage authorized by the importer company before the shipment process is completed, and also the customs transfer of the cargo by collateralized vehicles in the cargoes to be exported are among the services we provide in air cargo transportation as CVS Global Logistics. While we can carry all kinds of cargo in accordance with the legislation by accepting customer satisfaction as our first priority, the types of cargo that are mostly requested and successfully processed for Airline Cargo are as follows

• Medical Material and Medicine Transportation
• Funeral Transportation
• Hazardous Material Transportation
• Perishable Cargo Transportation
• Live Animal Transportation
• Valuable Cargo Transportation
• Complete and Partial Charter Services